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Our 5th Anniversary | Seattle, Washington

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Well, one of the perks of being photographers is that we can use our photography skills to take pictures of family…that is, when we actually pull out the camera when we’re not shooting professionally, which isn’t very often. It’s one of those things; if you’re a plumber, your house’s plumbing is probably a mess, if you’re a mechanic your cars probably need some work…same thing here, when you’re a photographer you have to force yourself to pull out the camera and take pictures when it comes to family. Although, I am getting a lot better at taking pics of the family than when our son was born a few years ago.

While we were hanging out in Seattle for the weekend, I though I would tote around my camera and periodically take pictures of Jessica just for the fun of it. We stayed at Hotel Monaco in Seattle which was amazing, thanks to Stephanie Simmons at Suncadia Resort for suggesting it to us! The downtown shopping area was just a couple blocks down from the hotel so we probably spent more money than we should have 😉 As if that weren’t enough, Jessica made sure we made a trip to Southcenter Mall (rolling eyes).

One of my favorite parts of our trip was taking the ferry out to Vashon Island. My best friend’s parents had a beach house out there growing up so we would always raise hell on the island as kids. I haven’t been there for years so we decided to visit. We ate at La Boucherie which was incredible! Getting out on Vashon was a night and day difference from Seattle. It feels like you’re out in the country (which you kinda are). We took the main road from the north to the south end of the island; the vegetation is beautiful and views of Puget Sound would occasionally break out of the trees. You have to visit sometime if you’ve never been there. Anyway, here are a few of the pictures I got of Jessica while we were out and about in Seattle. Enjoy!

Phil Bentz
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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

So we were shooting one of our recent weddings here on May 30th & we arrived at the reception early so we could catch the bride & groom as they arrived. Jessica, was waiting patiently on the steps of the Yakima Valley Museum so I decided to snap a few shots of her. She looked so amazing that I had to post one on here!